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Generic 80's Techno Thing Generic 80's Techno Thing

Rated 3 / 5 stars

While I like the fact that it ACTUALLY resembles the actual thing it's suppose to be under, it's kind of...hmm. It's a bit repetitive but for the length, I guess it's suitable.

Now this maybe just me but I would have preferred if you used instruments that actually sound or mimic as though they're from the 80s. Although its kind of hard to mimic analog instruments digitally, at least from what I know.

Overall, while it may not be absolutely perfect, it's at least something that "sounds" like techno.

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In The Lab In The Lab

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad, I actually like it. I was looking for music to possibly use for a game when I encountered this. It's really unique compared to the others I've heard. Hell, this is close to actually being techno than the other tracks listed under the genre. :v

What makes this very like able is the bass, as well as the whole "robotic/techy" aspect of it.

Sorry if my review wasn't that helpful.

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MickyMcIntee responds:

Sorry I didn't get back to this sooner, I haven't been on newgrounds in a while, thanks! I tried to give it bass and a robotic feel, It was originally meant for a game but my unreliable computer crashed and I lost all the files haha.

But yeah, glad you liked it! Thanks for your input!

Newgrounds Chat Newgrounds Chat

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very nice.

I just love how the song is mocking Newgrounds members who are complaining about the Chat feature being delayed for a long time.

Even thou I'm not that much of a fan of hip hop (or atleast maybe modern hip hop), I really liked this song due to PsychoGoldfish's lyrics.

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